Curing cancer, rheumatism, diabetes and obesity and the required nutrition therefor

Curing cancer, rheumatism, diabetes and obesity and the required nutrition therefor

A FRIEND HAD CANCER; PROSTATE CANCER. When he called me with a broken voice from the hospital, and said that the doctors had revealed to him that he had too late detected prostate cancer and that he should go home, settle his personal affairs and bid farewell to his family, I first listened to his self-accusations.

After he had finished and found that I still was listening, I asked him whether he was willing to take my advice o n l y o n c e, at least o n e t i m e … Excited, he asked me if I knew what to do, people clutch to every straw in such a situation.

His wife then prepared him meals according to the RECIPES she knew from the old German text books of both his grandmothers. He now knew what he had to avoid and what he had to follow. And we also have let his doctor know.

By the way: Thus the approach to confront cancer with nutritional measures was already well known in former times. The present research has confirmed it. So a study from the United States says that

1/8 cancer determining factors are due to air and water pollution + alcohol + radiation (natural and artificial) + medications

1/3 derive from consumption of tobacco and the

rest from food.


What I have written down here is the final version of a text that has been added to over the years, when we gained new experience or found that something had been left out. Thus, it is possible that some thematic transition is linguistically a little bit clumsy. The text must be read and understood as a whole; it captures a current picture of our knowledge gathered; single statements or passages may not be treated separately. This text is valid only in Germany and it is not valid for and in the United States of America and Canada.

The gained experiences mentioned above were, for example, that rheumatic diseases have been considerably alleviated or even disappeared completely when the same change in diet was performed as in cancer. This was also our first discovery. Later we found that

overweight is reduced immediately provided that the consumption of pork is avoided. This way also adiposity disappeared,

diabetes is improving. Again, the abandonment of pork consumption proved necessary,

exercise is essential for the healing process of cancer, rheumatism, overweight and diabetes,

an over-acidification of the body must be avoided,

thus we can say, cancer, rheumatism, diabetes and adiposity can be cured by the appropriate measures.

All these measures are aimed at “discharging” the body – discharge it from unwanted influences through the environment, nutrition etc. and at activating its own inherent capacity of self-healing. The diagnosis or early diagnosis of cancer, rheumatism etc. is only for fact-finding, not to give reason for the start of a conventional therapy. It has been proven sufficiently by now that a supposed early diagnosis leads to an unnecessary and untimely conventional treatment in far too many cases. Conventional methods are:

– operations

– radiotherapy

– chemotherapy

– anti-hormone therapy

– combination therapies

– targeted therapies on the basis of diagnostic tests

– antibody-drug-conjugates (highly targeted and not as vague as chemotherapy, which only hopes to destroy any cancer cells somewhere and somehow and not also the unaffected and healthy cells)

Non-conventional methods available:

– alternative treatments (naturopathic treatment, biological medicine, Ayurveda, Jamu, homeopathy, combination therapies, herbal and plant therapies such as the Bach’s Flower remedies, water and oil remedies, mother tinctures, Schüssler salts, diets, skin stimulating and drainage measures, purging, mud, fango and hay flower baths, various schools and thousands of other approaches). Provoked self-healing, hyperthermia (body’s own fever, i.e. endogenous hyperthermia; compared to: very hot baths, sauna, i.e. exogenous hyperthermia), hypothermia (hypothermia esp. in inflammatory rheumatic diseases…)
From my own experience count – either solely or in addition to another

In my experience to this list also belong as exclusive or complementary methods:

– fasting therapies

– Gemmo macerates, herbal and plant extracts

– change of residence or location

– manner of food preparation, cooking method

– elimination of

contributory factors and blocking obstacles to therapy

inhomogeneity of magnetic fields,

irregularities in mass and gravitation,

electric fields,

adrenaline deficiency (!) and

slowing down of neutrons

…and much more

Contributory factors and obstacles blocking the therapy:
Earth’s magnetic field inhomogeneity, mass and gravitational irregularities and -anomalies (gravimetry, geoid prolems), electric fields, adrenaline deficiency and neutron slowing / (!) –
Alchemy, astrology and horoscope, Buddhism, channeling, divination, energy work, angels work, entheogens, Feng Shui, floating (Samadhi Tank), spiritual healing, good luck charm – amulets – talismans, Halloween, homeopathy, hypnosis, Kahuna Healing (Huna), card readings, Kryon , mediumship, mesmerising, Mikkyo, near-death experiences, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), numerology, occultism, oracle, commuting, Pilates, Qi (Chi), Reiki, reincarnation, Rosicrucian, repatriations, rune magic, shamanism, spiritism, divination, Yantra, Yoga, – Ashtanga Yoga – Kundalini Yoga, Zen, psychotechniques, astral travel, eye exercises (eye training), autogenic training, imagination, Guided Affective Imagery, Lozanow method, mantras (mantra), Mind Control / Mind Control, Mind Machine, psy-trance, Simonton method, Suggestion, Trance, Visualization

Note: I am not a doctor, I just express my opinion. This does not oblige anyone to do anything. The text does not contain advice or recommendations for the reader or other persons. Rather, the text contains only advice or recommendations only for me. Should the impression arise that I have behaved like a doctor, treated someone or would give advice or recommendations respectively promises of salvation, then this impression is WRONG and unintended. Those who are ill should see a doctor. Since the information HAS BEEN translated and this translation cannot be checked by me, I am not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for ANY form of damages whatsoever resulting from the use (or misuse) of information contained in or implied by the information on this site.

Disclaimer: This site contains content not generated by medical authors. The site contains content generated by me. I am NEITHER a medical author nor a doctor. This information is not a substitute for professional medical care by a qualified doctor or other healthcare professional. ALWAYS check with your doctor if you have any concerns about your condition or treatment. I am not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for ANY form of damages whatsoever resulting from the use (or misuse) of information contained in or implied by the information on this site. Since the information HAS BEEN translated and this translation cannot be checked by me, I am not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for ANY form of damages whatsoever resulting from the use (or misuse) of information contained in or implied by the information on this site.

Now that’s what his wife prepared for him with and what she advised him doing:

Green vegetables raw, to a lesser extent the cooked ones, are a keystone of the patient’s diet (the aromatic green vegetables, not: lettuce. Lettuce actually is good for nothing – even though it is green; neither are endives or green beans convenient for our purposes); also useful are (among others) green peppers and above all the orange ones. Note about “raw”: Raw vegetables can be pureed, so that the different sorts harmonize as regards taste. Raw vegetables are better suited for our purposes than cooked vegetables. With (appetizing arbitrarily coloured) pepper and other suitable spices, bouillon cubes (vegetarian AND salt-poor AND “bio”) etc. the flavourless if not boring taste impression for the patient could be refined to a certain degree. But season only lightly- and not with the so-called seasoning that unfortunately contains flavour-enhancer. The classic negative example here is Maggi containing glutamate and inosinate. In general highly seasoning kills EACH curing effect.

Cleaning of vegetables
All vegetables must be washed very carefully before use or briefly blanched right away. Stems, stalks and cores must be removed. One should wear fitting gloves during all these preparations to avoid contact with possible pesticides, waxes, chemical protection etc. This also applies to biological products. To dry the dishes we use special tea towels which we change daily to prevent that the cleaning effect decreases and unwanted substances are transferred when the vegetables are dried.

Protein intake (animal and COOKED plant protein) ONLY antemeridian, in no case after 12 pm, eggs see below. But best no animal proteins and plant proteins only raw.

Tomatoes and their particular risk
No red tomatoes cold or raw – only at least 4 hours boiled down tomatoes (like the Italians originally always did) are allowed; the tomato pips must be taken out (scratched out).
UNCOOKED TOMATOES PROMOTE EACH TYPE OF CANCER; the increase in the cancer cell number through raw red tomatoes is up to 156 %. However, the well documented, superficial response on prostate cancer is known to us. Unfortunately, only ONE study reports that here only non-sweet tomatoes should be used, by which we now have reached the topic sugar (see below).

The promotion respectively suppression of cancer cells by the consumption of vegetables is also THE reason to confront the different types of cancer in a similar manner. Differences
manifest themselves in the application of certain kinds of vegetables in certain kinds of cancer. These we know by now. Since it is impossible to cover each type of cancer here, I will only describe the basics (valid for all types of cancer) and what we have used in my friend’s case or meanwhile found through recent experience.

In this context it is important that there exist preventive measures for or a number of tumor diseases. But these often are not known to the broad public.
Clinical picture Proportion of the population (FRG) in %/year (approx.) x106 Preventive measuresknown risk factors
Breast cancer 88688 Mammography
Hormone therapy, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, high-fat foods
Bowel cancer 80928 Colonoscopy, survey of colon polyps (adenomas)
(Past) diseases of the gastrointestinal area (including relatives), meat (and the products), alcohol, too much salt (sodium levels), nitrite curing salt, cured meat, grilled meat, mouldy food, smoking, chewing tobacco, obesity,lack of exercise
Prostate cancer 78515 PSA-Screening
Smoking and passive smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, high testosterone level
Lung cancer 61300 No smoking
Smoking, passive smoking (!), obesity, lack of exercise, inhalation of asbestos/toxins/heavy metals/petroleum products/solvents/carbon blacks/diesel/fuel oil/petrol/ other pollutants, activity in a profession with a recognised occupational disease (in the chemical industries through halogen compounds; in viticulture through arsenical pesticides)
Skin cancer /malignant melanoma of the skin (black cancer) 21163 Consultation of a dermatologist; monitoring of liver spots
Sun exposure, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, skin contacts/absorption of pollutants via the skin, UV exposure in the solarium, cosmic radiation, vitamin D deficiency
Stomach cancer 19641 Heliobacter-pylori treatment
(Past) diseases in the gastrointestinal area (including relatives), meat (products), alcohol, lots of salt (sodium levels), nitrite curing salts, cured meat, grilled meat, mouldy food, smoking, possibly passive smoking, chewing tobacco, obesity, lack of exercise
Liver cell cancer/liver cancer 9641 Vaccination hepatis B
Smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, mould, anabolics, detergents
Cervical cancer 5544 Vaccination papillomavirus
smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, possibly vitamin deficiency
Anal and penile cancer 4950 Vaccination papillomavirus
smoking, obesity, lack of exercise
Vulvar and vaginal cancer 4950 Vaccination papillomavirus
smoking, obesity, lack of exercise
Oropharynx carcinoma/throat cancer 1980 Vaccination papillomavirus
Smoking, chewing tobacco, obesity, lack of exercise, alcohol

In this context it is significant that there are preventive measures for a number of tumor diseases. But this fact is not known to all.
The following tumors belong to this group: disease pattern: breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer / malignant melanoma of the skin (malignant melanoma), gastric cancer, hepatocellular cancer / liver cancer, cervical cancer, anal and penile cancer, vulvar and vaginal cancer, oropharynx carcinoma / throat cancer
(Past) diseases in the gastrointestinal area (also relatives), alcohol, anabolic steroids, known risk factors, lack of exercise, intestinal polyps (adenomas) sift, colonoscopy, breathing asbest/ poisons/ heavy metals/ petroleum products/ solvents/ smut/ Diesel/ fuel oil/ petrol/ other pollutants, fatty liver, high-fat foods, meat (products), Grilled, Smoked, frequently changing partners during sexual contact, dermatologist visit; Watch moles, skin contacts / pollutant absorption through the skin, Helicobacter pylori treatment, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, cosmic radiation, high testosterone levels, hormone therapy, vaccination Hepatitis B vaccination HPV papillomavirus, industry by halogen compounds; in the wine by arsenic pesticides), chewing tobacco, cirrhosis, mammography, no smoking, nitrite, passive smoking (!), preventive measures, PSA screening, smoking, cleaning agents, mold, Moldy, sun exposure, work in a profession with recognized occupational disease (in the chem , obesity, UV exposure in tanning studio, a lot of salt (sodium level), vitamin D deficiency, vitamin deficiency

Sugar, Alcohol, Diabetes, Obesity
No sugar – not white, not brown, NEVER! You hear me, NEVER! Also no traces of sugar, even in juices (fruit sugar), so NO juices!!! Refined sugar is due to the fact that all valuable ingredients of the original product have been REMOVED a POISON that must not be carried to the body. The only useful ingredients after refining are in the molasses. Those who do not want to do without sweeteners should only use molasses. And: All that is metabolised as sugar is dumped!!!! All. Thus alcohol is also canceled completely. Especially liqueurs are fatal through their combination of sugar and alcohol. In addition, alcohol reduces the essential zinc in the body (just like the amalgan in dental fillings) and thus the incorporation of vitamin B6 (). The acetaldehyde that is produced when the alcohol is broken down in the liver negatively influences the effect of vitamin B1 (). AND: no beer, NO FRUITS. NONE!

That it is necessary to eat fruits, drink milk and mineral water, to take in proteins by meat, and that vitamin and supplements are beneficial to the health, this all belongs to the ineradicable superstition, which exists in our Western industrialized countries. Those who do this not only influence actively their body, which can lead to disease, they also cause damage to their health.

What concerns vegetable and mineral water still strict distinctions must be made, because 1st not each vegetable has the same effect and 2nd not every mineral water must be dismissed. Further details will follow.

Alcohol – and if it is just a sherry – has proved to be a possible obstacle especially for the healing of rheumatics. And it is harmful in any case: Incontinent patients report that they have consumed alcohol – whether already in youth or later, plays no role. Only one resident in a nursing home has never drunken alcohol and she is also the only one who has no problem with constant dripping and running.

There will be no healing from cancer, rheumatism, diabetes and obesity for those who consume alcohol! This also holds true for those who neglect cleanliness and the personal hygiene. See the text below.

Sugar substitutes
Sugar substitutes must not be used – even if one can thereby reduce the consumption of sugar (at this time stevia was not yet available in Germany). All processed foods, thus EVERYTHING that is offered ready-to-eat and all its preliminary stages is UNSUITABLE for the recovery of cancer or rheumatic patients, since they all contain sugar in various shapes. The cut out of sugar, alcohol, fruits and vegetables from one’s diet reduces diabetes and obesity up to normal weight. The diabetic patient will always experience an improvement of his illness by the measures described.

CADMIUM CONTENT: No carrots because of their sugar content and the undeclared (!) content of cadmium. The latter can also be found in salads, spinach, celery, black salsify, wheat (which we do not eat anyway), all parts of the sugar beet, chard, broccoli and cabbage like green cabbage (unfortunately), oats, beetroot. EVEN THOUGH PART OF THESE VEGETABLES IS SUITABLE FOR OUR PURPOSES; THEIR CADMIUM CONTENT MUST FIRST BE VERIFIED! Note: If the vegetables are coming from one of the numerous flood areas in Germany, increased caution is advised; it is possible that cadmium has been washed over the fields. Just as well there might be an infiltration with cadmium caused by fertilisers, because depending on the origin of the phosphate fertilisers heavy metals such as cadmium can be included. It is unbelievable! But there are also vegetables, which absorb only little cadmium: peas, the various types of cabbage, barley and rye (both of them we do not eat), potatoes (see text), pumpkin (we do not eat), peppers, radishes, radish, savoy, onion, courgettes.

Weight loss: Apart from the fact that losing weight does not have a long-lasting effect for anyone if there is no change in diet, it can lead to an abrupt washout of adipose tissue. This is especially the case if regularly and over years, pork and pork products have been consumed (see the text). Unfortunately then also toxins embedded in the adipose tissue are set free and flood the body. We consider this also a cause of rheumatic diseases and there is some evidence that it also has a bearing on cancer.

Sports drinks
Needless to mention that sports and fashion drinks are an absolute no-go, even and in particular low calorie drinks, sugar-free drinks and Coke, Pepsi and what else is out there. Also apple- juice, spritzer, Red Bull and its countless imitates etc. Understood? A patient said he had in the months before the outbreak of his rheumatic disease been drinking a lot of Red Bull imitates. This was definitely not the only trigger, but we are leaving out all risk factors. A risk factor which on the surface has nothing to do with the illnesses mentioned is the phosphoric acid in cola drinks (in many of them) and a variety of other drinks: It evidently affects the teeth. Well known, but frequently neglected. Those who are informed know that phosphoric acid and carbonic acid indeed can cause an over-acidification of the body, see the note on carbonic acid. Diabetics, coronary, renal and arteriosclerosis patients should not consume the described drinks anyway because of their high phosphorous content. The problem lies in the fact that the phosphorus in these drinks is not bound and therefore is absorbed by the body immediately resulting in a shock effect for the body.

In reverse it is also true that alkaline acting substances can stimulate the acid production of the body. If the layman believes he can measure the acidity of his urine with simple pH strips, he is mistaken. It is far more complicated. For the acid level also varies even throughout the day. Is it diagnosed this way as acidic, the whole world collapses on him, but in reality, the body has EXUDED acids – the metabolism is rather alkaline and that’s good. There exists only one amateur test for over-acidification. This in the most cases leads to proper results. Take 4 teaspoons baking soda with a little water and check within the next few hours via test strips whether the urine becomes alkaline. If not, a significant over-acidification has probably established.

Citric acid for the acidification of drinks: Citric acid alkalifies (!), this sounds good and natural, but citric acid is produced industrially from black mould (!). You give the aspergillus niger (i.e. black mould) a digestive problem and already it produces diligently citric acid. Got it? The lobby, of course, will right away scream out and focus on scaremongering. Yet it has been known for many years that those who are allergic to black mould, will also react allergic to industrial citric acid. And don’t you run away with the idea that there is “real” citric acid in (processed) food. This was only the case in washing up liquid. Macabre, isn’t it?

Glycaemic index
Further particularly unsuitable foods due to their sugar-like metabolism are (unfavourable glycaemic index):
Dates, rolls, wheat toast, lemonade, bread crumbs, potato chips, corn flour, rice, wheat flour, cereal with chocolate and milk, millet, rice pudding with fruits, whole grain rice, raisins, muesli, figs, oat flakes, oats, durum wheat spaghetti, egg pasta.
Only occasionally allowed are: beetroot, papaya.

Breads, flours, over-acidification
No carbs, no bread (none!). And much less the modern fitness, wellness and vitality breads, guar gum breads or anything else that contains thickening and humectant agents. These breads that are mainly found in these popping up baking stations contain a large amount of additives one will never find at the baker’s around the corner. Their effects are unknown or obscure and all of them are based on white flowers that strongly acidify when digested. Only spelt bread does not acidify severely; but in particular protein-containing flours acidify noticeably (soy and oats). Diabetics as well should stick to these facts. My friend’s wife was searching a long time back then. Today you even get spelt pretzels and they seem to be to the patient’s liking. Yet even with spelt it should not be superfine flours (white flours). Spelled products are often offered in combination with additions like other flours. However spelt products must be 100 % pure. This is often not observed as other flours are cheaper and increase profits with spelt products. Spelt has an invaluable advantage over all other types of flour: it cannot be fertilized and does not tolerate pesticides (weed killers etc.).

The food for our purposes must be carb-free. Don’t let yourself be irritated by the Web, there’s nothing useful in there. The patient eats carb-free.

Pasta, Rice, Milk, Over-Acidification, Sports and Exercise
No pasta/rice (rice has no nutritional value, although or especially since it is metabolized like sugar, contrary to many stories and rumours about Vietnamese soldiers who are said to have survived for weeks with only a few handfuls of insalivated rice). No milk, at least until recovery. Those who want to play it safe should drink no milk at all, because it is not really for human consumption. The human body originally does not have the means to process it. It helps itself by adapting itself and breaking down the substance not suitable for it through the incessant production of stomach acid (also applies to non- intolerants). This required production of stomach acid leads to an indirect over-acidification of the body, which in turn promotes the growth of the anaerobic existing cancer cells (!) (With gastritis and an acid stomach you are a candidate for cancer and rheumatism anyway! And there is no use in trying to fight the acid with Omniprazol or others. You are only treating the symptoms, not the cause). If then lactose is added to it, the course is already set! One patient drank more than 3 litres of milk per day. After a few years his stomach acid had eaten him up so-to-speak, his digestion was unpleasantly sour, everything “sort of burned”. From then on he no longer drank milk, but water and it took about 10 years to normalize his digestion. In the 14th year, he became severely ill with rheumatism. One cannot warn enough against the over-acidification of the body. Read more about milk below. My friend has taken baking soda for this reason (NO JOKE!). It contains natron which is rather useful for our purposes. Please observe the instructions when taking baking soda. In addition, the anaerobic cell metabolism leads to the requirement to spend a lot of time out in the fresh air and even EXERCISE a little or participate in EASY KINDS OF SPORT – but always within the aerobic range! This means: All prolonged but light activities are good because they supply the body with enough oxygen, whereas each effort (which leads to breathlessness) should be avoided. HERE the saying “Sport is Murder” holds true for the first time. Experience has shown that cycling with moderate speed for half an hour at a time every day is very effective. Though this can be a torture for rheumatics (regarding the simultaneous mentioning of rheumatism and cancer some explanations will follow below), but then it is up to the attending doctor to keep the patient free of pain. IT IS IMPORTANT to get exercise; so it is clear that you also do not use the elevator, but take the stairs instead! However, it is not as if the exercise strengthens the body and the body thus becomes more resistant – maybe even against cancer and rheumatism; it is rather the case that the exercise as such is the therapy – the effect of the exercise (the “strengthening”) is nothing.

We explain this primarily with the fact that human beings sleep one-third of the day (“motionless”), and in contrast to this need exercise so that their body can “test” and turn on the bodily functions, like e.g. the breathing out of excess carbonic acid in the form of carbon dioxide during the de-acidification of the blood carried out by the BODY ITSELF (!). Read more about this subject in the note on carbonic acid.

Secondly, perhaps exercise influences the immune system differently from what we thought so far. Following this train of thought we thirdly assume that the oxygen enrichment associated with exercise is a key to recovery, for cancer cells cannot thrive in a high-oxygen milieu. Those, for whom half an hour of exercise is too vigorous, start with lesser minutes. Those, who cannot ride a bicycle or do not want to, alternatively go for a 60-minutes-walk – but always at a speed that does not take their breath, which marks the beginning of the unwanted anaerobic range! It should be remembered also, that muscle ache which is associated with exertion in our case is undesirable.

Problems with the muscles

If you frequently feel stiff and aching, you should have your manganese levels tested. Unfortunately, you have to pay for it yourself, as it is not part of a general haemogram. Though manganese does not help against muscle soreness and also does not prevent it, muscle soreness is an indication for too little manganese. By the way the popular saying muscle soreness is due to the production of lactic acid after exertion is wrong. It comes from cracks, micro damages in the muscle tissue, which lead to small centres of inflammation that after their subsequent decomposition enter the surrounding tissue. THUS we have the connection to cancer and rheumatic diseases, but not to over-acidification through lactic acid production. Not only cancer and rheumatic patients should EXERCISE, but also diabetics.

On the subject of „problems with the muscles,“ see also the borax chapter.

About the saying “Sport is Murder”. This makes clear that each too much of exercise, that each strenuous type of sport is HARMFUL. This statement will drive to the barricades athletes as well as the sports and clothing industries, but we know of cases where athletes who had been thoroughly fit all their life became dependent on care from one year to the other – and they had not been high performance athletes or otherwise crazy, e.g. suffering from youth obsession. One of them (70 years old) had crossed the Alps from Bavaria by bicycle a few years ago. The following year the collapse came. Now he travels by wheelchair. Another patient used to cycle up and down the mountains near Zermatt, now he only keeps his inflammation scores (CRP) low with cortisone. So: we do not overdo it with sport. THE SAME holds true for healthy people.

Light, UV, Vitamin D3
Since a number of cancer and rheumatic patients likewise report that they are doing better in the summer (according to their feeling) than in winter, we conclude that light is a supporting factor. One patient even takes her glasses off when she goes for a walk, because spectacle lenses made from glass block the UV components in the light strongly; most plastic lenses in the meantime as well. This patient feels an improvement of her condition (at least in the summer, although this may also be due to the type of rheumatism she is suffering from). Thus one should go for walks or get exercise always in DAYLIGHT. Then the body can produce sufficient Vitamin D3. As a result, a workout at the gym proves to be unsuitable as one works out behind glass (window glasses absorb too much of the UV-component of the light).

My friend, in any case, walked around the block every second odd hour (9, 11, 13…). Meanwhile we have found that half an hour at a time works best. In total, one hour a day. We know a patient who has his rheumatism under control when he works out regularly. If he does not, the rheumatism comes back. Those who cannot walk (without pain) at all or do not want to any longer, should buy a cross trainer. Here the feet are well guided and the arm muscles are also exercised efficiently. Depending on the given possibilities the exercise of the arms can be supported by the feet and vice versa. If everything hurts in the beginning especially for rheumatic patients and not even the handles can be clasped without pain, the weight on the device can be switched off completely and the patient carries out just a few movements. Preferably in sunlight and with closed windows. When he feels better due to the measures described, the weight can be slightly increased. Most suitable are cross trainers, which have a magnetic break; those with a friction belt, even if they are high quality, often are running noncircular, which puts you off all exercise on them. At zero weight, the fly wheels of high-quality devices continue to run free for a long time. In place of the cross trainer Nordic walking as well is suitable for arm and leg exercise.

Again. Milk consumption promotes calcium deficiency. That’s why we call it the milk lie.


Consumption of milk

There is no connection between the reduced or even stopped consumption of milk /dairy products and osteoporosis. Calcium deficiency as a cause for osteoporosis has been refuted by now. The calcium requirement of the body is covered by an adequate and sufficient food intake. In this context, it is vitally important to note that TOO MUCH MILK PROMOTES OSTEOPOROSIS. This now known and also published, but has not yet reached all levels of society. The explanation for this is that milk, as already described in the text, increases the production of stomach acid. And here not only the body over-acidifies, but the excess acid is also leveled out by the body. And this it can only do extracting calcium from the bones. The little calcium contained in the milk is NOT sufficient to counterbalance this; a calcium deficiency occurs. A cut-off value for a NON-desirable calcium dose can be set by the following quantities:

500 mg calcium (@milk) osteoporosis probability = 100%

1000 mg calcium (@milk) osteoporosis probability = 200%

1500 mg calcium (@milk) osteoporosis probability = 400%

This means that from an intake of 1000 mg calcium a day the probability of osteoporosis increases with the square. This applies worldwide and the values in countries with a strong consumption of meat are even higher. Patients who take cortisone should therefore drink no milk (and their total intake of calcium should not be more than 800 mg/day).

Note on exercise in long-standing disease:

When the patient has become pain-free by the measures described, through lack of exercise (and laziness) new discomfort like dragging pain, pressure pain in the arm and especially the leg muscles can be caused during sitting, watching TV, surfing in the Web. This can be due to atrophy of muscle. Long-term patients sometimes suffer from a dwindling muscle mass through limited mobility. Here a cross trainer can also produce relief, as it exercises arms AND legs. Already one minute simultaneous arm and leg work out at the highest level can be helpful. Thereby the required daily routine must not be forgotten. And as it has been said, avoid the anaerobic zone. Nordic walking as well is suitable. All exercises should be carried out without WEIGHTS in your hands.

Energy bars, whole grain bread

Everything that is metabolized as sugar, including the oh-so-energizing cereal bar is FORBIDDEN. As I said, no pasta, no rice, no white flour products like white bread, toast, pastry. And – most importantly – if you buy whole grain bread, the dark one, you should look very closely at the ingredients. Whole grain bread from discounter shops almost always contains molasses, invert sugar -, glucose or caramel syrup etc. Cancer patients must not eat that kind of bread! Better take proper grain bread (if you desperately need to have bread; however it is better to do without it, see above). It is not necessarily black at all, but becomes black by the additives (!).

No nougat crèmes and other “refined” fat, also no fats in chocolate or sweet fillings (which should be clear. Or what do YOU actually think where the EEC butter mountain of the 1970ies has gone?).The problem here is NOT the butter, but the industrial processing. Butter you can eat in reasonable quantities. No fear. It was only successful lobbying that has degraded the butter in favour of margarine or other products which industry has thrown onto the market in recent years. This also applies to the margarine-like products available on the market for some years now with their widely advertised additional health functions.

Beware of the breakfast egg: In a German hospital known to us the doctors have a saying: “Eat each morning two eggs and you’ll be with us in two years.” Many rheumatic patients are prone to get problems when they eat eggs. Regarding cancer, we know nothing definite about the egg. And don’t listen to the rubbish about cholesterol. We know people with cholesterol levels beyond 400 who have not developed a related disease up to an old age. One rather gets ill by lowering the cholesterol through medication. Cholesterol is constantly essential to the body. Elsewhere in the text, we have a closer look at cholesterol.

At most one spoonful a day (honey is no foodstuff it must be regarded as medicine. Just believe it. It is like that). But take an expensive one, no extracted honey. Chestnut is very suitable; the superlative would be Tasmanian Leatherwood honey from the flower of the same-named plant. This is not heated during manufacture and also not filtered. It is stored below 20°C and can be heated for use in a water bath, then it becomes glassy and liquid, you can also cool it. My friend’s chestnut honey was then already almost like rubber and of a deep brown because it was very old – and incredibly aromatic! And we just wanted to consume it. Honey has an antibiotic effect this is why it can be kept for long periods. Once an acquaintance contracted pneumonia through the contact with people affected with the disease. Perhaps he had already had a cold, which got worse. The result was that a visit to the doctor would have been necessary and this would have led to the administration of antibiotics that would have overpowered his illness (and also his enteric flora). Of course, he did not allow this to happen, took in the acute state three spoons of honey 1-1-1 (there is no need for more) and dissolved each morning and evening 100 d dark honey in hot bathwater, before he took a bath. His condition improved and when he accompanied his friend, who had apparently contracted the disease from him, to the doctor, the latter only diagnosed a slight pneumonia. A healthy body actually heals itself, if one does not fight the fever. That’s what fever is for! The bath water was 40 degrees and he did not even think this to be warm. This was due to the fact that his body temperature was initially very high because of the fever. In the case of fever or suspected pneumonia a doctor should be consulted.
More about royal jelly and propolis see below.

Baking soda, over-acidification, calcium, vitamin D3
Back then we had nothing else than baking soda for the treatment of a stomach over-acidification. Today we would use pure sodium – to be precise sodium bicarbonate. This corresponds to sodium = NaHCO3 = diacid carbonate of sodium = sodium bicarbonate. This must not be confused with sodium carbonate (soda Na2 Na2CO3). We call it here NHC for convenience. NHC is “pure”, i.e. it does not contain the acid complex necessary or baking soda, the phosphate. It is pure NHC. But NHC should also not be taken over a long period of time in large quantities that is by the tea spoonful. Even better are enteric-coated remedies like BicaNorm that unfold their effect not before they have reached the bowel. They, too, should not be taken too long otherwise they will cause magnesium or calcium stones. Effects are much greater, when those antacids unfold their activity not before they have reached the intestinal tract instead of blocking the acid nonspecifically in the stomach. However, they enhance the sodium in the body due to their mechanism of action (this can be compensated with potassium, like for example in fruit vinegar, preferably cider vinegar). During this treatment you should better do without a further intake of sodium in the form of cooking salt. A low sodium intake is a prerequisite for the desired low secretion of calcium essential for rheumatic patients (especially since for example cortisone patients MUST take additional calcium – with the simultaneous intake of vitamin D3. Regarding D3 20,000 IU per week seem to be advisable, some patients take 2 x 20,000 IU per week. Most effective is calcium CITRATE because it is easy to digest and thus better tolerated). The diabetic patient can also try baking soda in conjunction with the medical treatment over a period of a few months however there is currently no proof for a relationship between diabetes and over-acidification of the stomach.

The problem with the intake of calcium is that it can lead to a calcification of the body or parts of it; the consequences are muscle pain (e.g. at the upper arm above the biceps), sudden cardiac death, eye cataract (we know of a patient), stones,…

Over-acidification, dietary supplements and their substitutes

The problem with the deacidification of the body, e. e. of the cells (detoxing of the blood is only part of it) cannot be solved as easily as the layman might think. It is not sufficient to take something alkaline. You could eat a lot of spinach and all is well. The problem is that the stomach responds with the increased production of acid to the intake of alkaline food. Gastro-resistant medication avoid this, they only take effect in the intestine. It is also practically useless to measure the acidity of the urine, in order to find out the overacidification of the body. In fact when the body excretes acid, which is good, the acid is in the urine; yet the body can be alkaline and much more. ALCALIC urine is – except for vegetarians and vegans – NOT a good sign. The body needs zinc for a successful secretion. Let yours be checked! The important thing is solely the acid value of the cell. And this is the decisive factor for the development of cancer. Here your potassium level is crucial. Have it checked! If your values show a deficiency, the doctor can prescribe something. This, of course, not only applies to the aforementioned zinc and potassium, but also for the manganese discussed in the text above. Potassium is available from your pharmacist, probably not from health and beauty retailers. There is a combination drug from the USA that helps improve your manganese level and also contains the other three minerals. It contains – typical for the Americans – all components in excessive quantity, which is a pity. Thus it should not be taken in the suggested dosage of 3 capsules per day, but each capsule should be distributed to two days with a daily intake of a half capsule. The name of the product is PURE encapsulations Nutrient 950E pure substances; 180 caps Euro 45-50. It is also available without Cu/Fe/iodine and on the US market additionally with vitamin K.

But there is also the possibility to improve your blood values naturally. Take wheat germs, they possess potassium, zinc and manganese (and a lot of all the rest, which you need anyway and are of natural origin) and they cost little. If you take wheat germs, you should omit external manganese, zinc and potassium. We prefer wheat germs to the above-mentioned capsules. Wheat germs must be taken with plenty of water. Do not confuse them with wheat bran, which is less suitable for our purposes. Certain ingredients in wheat bran () affect the zinc in the body in a negative way and by this also the effect of folic acid, vitamin B6 and A. If you want to go the extra mile, take honey (as described in the text). Sometimes we take – alternating daily – ProDialvit instead of Pure 950E. ProDialvit. It also contains natural substances and is an alternative to artificially produced vitamin products. This does not mean, however, that these are bad. We know somebody who suffered from hair loss and got a grip on her problem with multi vitamin products from the discounter (from Lidl) and the recommended saline solution (by us). Maybe she just had a deficiency of potassium and compensated it with the reduced sodium intake (potassium and sodium are antagonists; Na acts outside the cell; Ka within the cell, both interact). In general, however, the use of dietary supplements is not advisable or necessary. They are only applied in case of the described deficiencies. THESE can occur if the diet of the patient is maintained in strict accordance with the recommendations and IN THESE CASES promote a sufficient supply. Those who necessarily want to take something may try a variety of oils. Each day a little spoonful of linseed oil, then for a change coconut oil, rape oil etc. In addition linseed (should be taken like the wheat germ described above). ALWAYS take wheat germs in the same amount together with the linseed (NOT wheat bran, you will score an own goal), since otherwise not each vitamin (B6) can be activated (). Alternatively, also Pure 365 can be taken.

Dextrorotatory lactic acid RMA

The intake of dextrorotatory lactic acid is vitally important for cancer as well as rheumatic patients. The tool of choice is RMS (e.g. Petrasch, Co., Austria) and is available on prescription. RMS neutralizes among others things the laevorotary lactic acid (LMA) that is generated in tumor cells during the fermentation of sugars and it is diluted in water drop-wise; never (!!!) take it undiluted (general dosage: 3 x 20 drops each day, i. e 20-20-20). Considering its abilities, it is as cheap as dirt. And enjoy your doctor’s face, when you ask for RMS! If he does not want to prescribe it to you (probably he has not the slightest idea, how beneficial RMS is for the cancer or rheumatic patient), then you should look for another doctor, go to an alternative practitioner or homeopath. Maybe you have to look far to find a good doctor. But you are not the only one with this problem. RMS must be taken with an interval from 2-3 hours to the silica, Basika, calcium (citrate), the so-called bone grafting powder and above all to the sodium carbonate mentioned in the text. By the way, the assertions of diverse alternative healers and practitioners that RMS should be taken only in a dosage of 20-0-0, i.e. 20 drops ante meridiem, are wrong. RMS is only effective if it is taken throughout the day and not DIVIDED, for example in three parts per seven drops, but three times in the full dose. Thus the application 0f 20-20-20 is correct.

The ORAC value of fruit and vegetables

For cancer and rheumatic patients the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) value is of no importance. The statements circulating on the Internet about the helpfulness of e.g. red currants and cranberries for the ORAC value of cancer and rheumatic patients stand on shaky ground. Nobody ever has been cured from cancer by eating cranberries, yet cranberry is used in the Gemmo-macerates against rheumatic diseases. However, one should not forget the negative effect of the fructose, which outweighs the benefits by far. Those who are keen on catching free radicals should eat kidney beans. These, at least, contain no fructose and possess twice the radical scavenging properties as the best berries. Yet about this the chatterers on the Internet keep quiet! IT HAS BEEN A KNOWN FACT FOR A LONG TIME THAT ALL RED BEANS HAVE THE HIGHEST CAPACITY.


A little: asparagus, rhubarb, chocolate, black tea, all sorts of nuts (each because of the oxalic acid, but we drop chocolate due to its high sugar content anyway! Please look up other carriers of oxalic acid in the Net, because today we know now more than at the time of my friend.)

A few words about purines, uric acid and oxalic acid:

According to our findings, both cancer and rheumatic patients must reduce the intake of uric and oxalic acid. They should cut down on the following foods:

Purines (i.e. uric acid):

Sweetbread, baker’s yeast, liver, meat, fish, pulses

Oxalic acid:

Tea black, rhubarb, spinach, cocoa powder

No red and only few yellow peppers (green and orange yes); little (!) extra salt; best you eliminate it completely (and if salt, then ONLY without additives such as anti-caking agents E 535/E536 sodium and potassium ferrocyanide (officially banned in the EU), aluminum hydroxide, aluminum silicate and also no salt with iodine, fluorine). Does the supplier add E551 silicon dioxide as an anti-baking agent this is unproblematic, because it is merely silica.

Anyway, you can use it for de-acidification. Also no ayran with your doner kebab. The ayran is very salty and soon will be seen in your blood picture as a sodium excess. We will discuss the dangers of aluminum (e.g. in package lids, c.f. ayran) in the following chapters. Asparagus has been suspected of washing out the ingredients of the cures, i.e. weakens their effect. This implies for the rheumatic patient taking cortisone, he will get too little. In the case of spinach, we know a person affected, who always gets rheumatic pain in his hands when he eats spinach.

No radicchio, green beans (as said despite “green”), potatoes (potatoes should not be eaten, because they often have – invisible – sprouts. These inhibit the recovery of the cancer patient. (Only if you are convinced about the quality of your potatoes, you may). Fennel bulbs, pollen (but: royal jelly and propolis are ALLOWED – the latter even when dissolved in alcohol). Royal jelly and propolis are very useful for our purposes.

Never: Eggplant, bok choy, endive, cucumber, radish (the referred vegetables INHIBIT no type of cancer; they rather promote stomach or lung cancer – for example cucumber > about +8 or > +16 %. Inhibition here means a significant reduction of the cancer cells (to < 10%); thus applies: NONE of these vegetables!). A mystery to us is rocket. We know of a patient who has eaten a lot of rocket each day – together with a little (lean) meat, preferably fish. Nine months after he had started this, he got severe rheumatism (PMR). Start of therapy with 20 mg cortisone 20-0-0. Of course, it is not clear what the actual trigger was. Another patient always gets rheumatic pain in one hand after eating (even very little) rocket. The patient has innately increased inflammatory markers. We now have eliminated rocket completely.


No red meat (NEVER! And certainly not English/blue/rare, medium), also no curing or grilling, and if, at least not over the open flame, the grill food must not lie above the flame (!), a problem for most barbecue grills; and it should not get too brown. However, we, as I said, advise strongly against the consumption of meat! Those who prefer a slight browning should fry their meat in the pan, and cover it with a lid, until the condensate drips back into the pan. This reduces the grilling temperature sufficiently. See below for more on meat and fish.

Never: Pork (please NEVER!). Not even after recovery. More details below.

The meat substitutes of the vegetarians and vegans are also inapplicable as they can be classified as fast food being produced industrially and above all (possibly) containing saturated fatty acids, flavour enhancers and unnamed additives. It is surprising in this context, that the body of vegetarians and vegans has a very balanced acidity. More details about overacidification in the text.

If you are familiar with the natural nutrition in cancer and rheumatism, you surely by now have noticed something interesting. The natural diet required in both diseases is strikingly similar. We have found that it can be carried out in virtually the same way. This leads to the conclusion that remedies that have proved effective in one disease can also be used for the cure of the other disease. Further details follow below. The change in nutritional habits will also be beneficial for diabetes patients, so it can be said, cancer, diabetes, obesity and rheumatism can be treated the same way.

The mineral water lie, coffee, tea

And there is much more to consider:

No tap water, no arbitrary mineral waters (NEVER!!!). We know a rheumatic who only stays free of pain, if he does not drink tap water. This was even the case when he had moved and thus got different water. Under no circumstances you should drink water with a high mineral content. The body needs NO additionally supplied quantities of minerals you do yourself simply no favour with mineral waters! All your drinks should come from the bottle, because you never know what happens with the tap water after it has reached your house. This was also the reason for the tap water difficulty described above, because both houses were the same age and from the same house builder. And, more importantly, the application of the arbitrary quantities and combinations of minerals contained in the mineral water leads to an unforeseeable effect. Not without good reason that the majority of the mineral waters must NOT be fed into a public water system. They are NO drinking water. And for the preparation of baby food many of them could be dangerous. That they are freely available at all is due to the fact that in Germany the provisions of the regulation concerning mineral waters are more broadly phrased than those of the Drinking Water Ordinance. This becomes already obvious when looking at the scope of the two documents. The mineral and table water regulation has 17 pages, the Drinking Water Ordinance 34 pages. To be found on the Net under legal texts.

See also the section “Minimum requirements for the analysis of curative waters” In:

“Quality standards for the predication of spas, resorts and mineral springs”

The unwanted intake of minerals via mineral waters using the example of calcium as it should be taken by a cortisone patient. It is harmful to take large quantities of calcium (more details about the calcium quantity will follow in the text below). The same holds true for hard water (which contains calcium). One speaks of a calcification of soft tissue, like e.g. the heart and the brain and of liver problems. The liver is able to regenerate, the kidney never. The WHO and Fresenius Health Care by now give valuable information on this. Formerly the WHO has claimed the opposite. We have been familiar with the subject since the year dot. With regard to the maximum daily amount of calcium: Even if the US American world sometimes speaks of doses in the order of up to 2000 mg, it is too much; advisable are long-term doses of up to (MAXIMAL!) 800 mg, preferably less. Only rheumatic patients receive them (more about calcium administration elsewhere in this text).

The Americans tend to overdose minerals and vitamins without rhyme or reason, as if this would remain without effect. The long-term experience has shown that this is extremely risky. Those who take calcium for a long period of time, such as cortisone patients, might deposit the calcium not only as described above, but also in the joints and muscles, resulting in pain and mobility problems*3. We know a patient with a dose of 800-1000 mg calcium (over a period of 6 years, which is not too much in his case with 15-7.5 mg cortisone /day; vitamin D3 20,000 I.E. /week), who cannot raise his arm from an angle of 60 to 130° forcefully and without pain. After the daily intake of 3 tea spoons (apple) fruit vinegar 1-1-1 over several weeks the pain and mobility problems of our friend have abated to a tolerable level. By means of a blood test the physician can analyse the calcium parameter; when CALCIUM IS GIVEN (e.g. because of cortisone application) they should not be far from calcium deficiency (and on the other hand not too low, that is within the deficiency range), in order to avoid the known risks. Yet this is no guarantee, as hereby too many factors play a role. By administration of calcium magnesium levels should always be monitored.

*3 In case of joint problems (and bone problems) please see the chapter about borax.

Information on vitamins B7/H (biotin), B9/11/M (folic acid), B3/PP-factor, P (rutin) will be published here on occasion.

Rather, there are not only factors that promote healing, but also factors which cause ill health. These can sometimes be quite surprising, as can be seen in the following example: It is widely unknown that metastases can spread into the body through massages. This is simply due to the merely physical fact that through the manual activity of the therapist a mechanical tissue/cell displacement is taking place. Thus we advise against massage treatments of cancer patients and even go a step further: We consider this knowledge also as another reason, for which cancer patients should refrain from too much exercising. The action in some sports is just too intensive. As already mentioned above, simple cycling or walking is still the most suitable for cancer patients (and correspondently for rheumatics, diabetics and overweight people).

Even if the mineral water industry and doctors suggest otherwise and explain it with the “need to drink sufficiently”: you should choose low-mineral water like Volvic (even if this comes from the Volcanic Eifel and is said to contain a very small amount of arsenic). Those who do not like Volvic for this reason can take Black Forrest (BF). It is available in health food stores and some Frisco markets. Both of them please non-carbonated, Volvic without taste. If you get neither of these, chose from the waters listed below.

One more thing: NEVER drink distilled water it is not suitable for consumption. Water in general: Also, the amount of water drunk at a time should not be too high. A quantity of 6 liters, quickly consumed, can be fatal. Healing water: It is reported of spas, where patients have drunk up to 10l curing water per day. We think this is untrue respectively dangerous. The point is that such amounts of liquid wash out medicines, minerals etc. also cortisone.

We want to avoid any source of over-acidification of the body. That is why we also do not drink coffee or (caffeine-containing!) black tea. We also suppose that especially coffee washes out the cortisone because rheumatics speak of increased well-being when having left out coffee. We also see a connection between a reduction of coffee and a successful lowering of cortisone. Medications, including homeopathic remedies should not be taken together with coffee or tea anyway; a two hours interval is enough (here applies: all teas, not only black tea). My friend drank only little coffee, tea not at all. More about decaf below. With regard to teas, we know by now that they all have a different effect on the patients. Thus what improves the well-being of one patient may be of no help at all to the other. We make do with the suggestion just to try it out for oneself. However, wonder teas do not exist; teas cure neither cancer nor rheumatism. We tried: Green tea, Pu-Erh, Guan go Ian, mate, rooibos, Lapacho and Kombucha. The last two are actually no conventional teas since they are not made from tea leaves. In addition there are the Ayurvedic teas made from herbs and the so-called yogi teas from the solid components of the plants. A special case are the moon teas that are believed to gain their strength from the particular processing times and consist of a variety of ingredients. All TREATED teas (which are in the majority) must be washed before brewing anyway, i.e. be rinsed with cold water (it is sufficient to fill the tea egg with cold water). The tea ball at least should NOT be made of plastic if you are convinced you cannot do without your tea. Certain ingredients (-) in black tea also negatively affect the vitamin B1, others (-) influence the zinc in the body and therefore the effect of folic acid, vitamin B6 and A. Thus it appears to be much more advisable to drink in the morning sodium water for a while: A flat tea spoon of baking soda in a glass of water (with low mineral content) will do; it must be enough water, ca. 0.35 l, so that the baking soda dissolves COMPLETELY. You drink it right after getting up half an hour before breakfast. Just pay attention to its temperature, it should neither be too cold nor too warm. If you take sodium please read the instruction about baking soda.

Listing of mineral waters with low mineral content – This is advance information we are working on a complete listing. For this 830 mineral waters need to be tested. This may take a while.

Regarding “the sufficient quantity of water”:

It is advised everywhere, almost rigidly, even by doctors to drink “enough” water throughout the day. This sounds plausible it is threatened with gall stones/ kidney stones and detoxification/ insufficient cleansing of the body and results in the demand for a high amount of water/ mineral water that you should drink. Preferably mineral water, it flushes and allegedly prevents gall stones/ kidney stones. Assessment: sounds reasonable. But it is wrong. And it is lobbying at its best.

1. The required high quantity of water is dangerous considering the associated amount of mineral intake. We only take the above mentioned Volvic and Black Forrest and drink so much of these that the urine is still yellow or clearly yellow. Another reason for not drinking too much water is that otherwise substances in the body, among them precisely the minerals, are flushed out. An aspiring physician reported that it was pointed out in a university lecture that tea drinker should therefore take vitamin pills and dietary supplements. An exemplary analysis of a mineral water can actually be found on the Net at the web site of Vöslauer. More than 60 analyses have been carried out. Other sources far too often provide insufficient information.

2. Kidney, liver, heart and blood circulation are STRAINED by any excess of water absorption. No flushing of whatsoever takes place (). And much less you can prevent kidney stones with frequent drinking. Quite to the contrary.

About carbonic acid: Totally unknown to and ignored by physicians and their patients seems be the fact that carbon dioxide has a negative impact on public health. Carbon dioxide is an HCO-gas as can be found as a bubble in beverages. Since it is naturally present in the body, any external supply leads to irritation. The mechanism is called bicarbonate buffering system and you can easily look it up on the net. The bicarbonate buffering system regulates the acid-base balance of the blood. Herein carbon dioxide and hydrogen are involved. Simply speaking, the bicarbonate binds in acidic blood the acid, which must then be exhaled as CO2 gas. To this end, an increased respiratory rate is necessary. That’s the reason why a minor physical activity is REQUIRED if you do not want your body to overacidify. A high level of plasma Ph is called acidosis (contrary to: alkalosis). A (slight) acidosis always occurs with heavy physical work and efforts. So this is to be avoided. The opposite, an alkalosis, occurs at heights, for example, when hiking in the mountains with altitude gain. As long as this does not end up in overstrain, the blood becomes alkaline. This effect occurs, unfortunately, only until the end of the acclimatization period, otherwise you might send each patient at the beginning of treatment “up the mountain” and he would come back down “cured”.But such a miracle is unlikely happen any more than there will be the ONE panacea that one takes and then you’re going cancer and rheumatism.
Tea: Black tea and green tea as well as the above-mentioned hip health teas are not to be confused with Grandmother’s teas and brews. For rheumatism people then used: angelica, arnica, fenugreek, hay flowers, chamomile, camphor, burdock, lavender, lemon balm, agrimony, cranberry (also gemmo mazerat), wild rye, cow bitter, yarrow, primrose, thyme, juniper and hyssop.

With chronic rheumatism: restharrow.

More about tea

Grandma’s tea recipes I have not tried yet. But this is only due to the fact that I simply no longer know any rheumatics or cancer patients (except for the one above). And regarding rheumatism there are so many different forms – I think they should be recorded by way of comparison. It even must be jinxed: A lady I met in a hospital, she had Bekhterev syndrome, received from me a remedy shaken by myself (more in the text) with/for gold addition (quasi homeopathic) she applied it – and walked off with it without saying a word. Later I learned that she works as a MTA and wants to analyse the mixture herself and bring it to market. I would have preferred her telling me how she is doing by now and whether the recovery process still continues.

It has been shown in the past that the use of NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS, here: tea is inferior to non-food. That is, teas, green soups etc. yield a weaker effect than for example petroleum, kerosene 1(-8), petroleum ether, turpentine and MMS. Inunctions and rubbings are in between. But superior to all this is the drastic cure: Zero diet under medical supervision with: water (but by no means mineral water!). The drastic cure is employed when from the medical view the patient has only left a few days or weeks. We have a written report that a cancer patient got nothing but freshly squeezed orange juice (!!!), thus a certain FRUIT (of course untreated!) and he was cured. This is amazing and inexplicable.

However, tea, petroleum and turf milk we will examine further later on.

Spagyric medicine

The last few years there was regular reporting on the Net about the benefits of cannabis. A variety of information is doing the round that with cannabis a new miracle cure for all kinds of diseases, such as cancer, has been found. However, we have heard of no clinical evidence for the healing of cancer through cannabis in one of its users. So much for this miracle drug! Yet in the spagyric medicine there is an application of hemp for rheumatism. Here the composition of the remedy:
Application B
Cardiospermum D2 spag. 5,0
Propolis D2 spag. 5,0
Phytolacca D2 spag. 5,0
Rhus tox. D4 spag. 5,0
Cannabis sativa D1 spag. 10,0
acute: 5 puffs into the mouth per hour
Application A
Cardiospermum D2 spag. 10,0
Mandragora D2 spag. 5,0
Phytolacca D2 spag. 5,0
Rhus tox. D2 spag. 5,0
Eupatorium D2 spag. 5,0
acute: 3 puffs into the mouth per hour
chronic: 3 puffs into the mouth 3 times a dayGemmo-MazeratesIn this context, we also want to mention the gemmo-mazerates. These are fresh plant components that are extracted in an alcoholic solution. They are not used in cancer, only in rheumatic diseases. Ash-tree

Mountain pine


Further statements about spagyric medicine and the gemmo-mazerates exceed the present text and cannot be published here for now.

Vitamin B17, formic acid, nettles, ginger, curcumin, turmeric
Vitamin B17 was said to be a miracle cure. Just as the formic acid. Anyone who wants to can try the latter with the appropriate caution. Formic acid is not taken but added: Just lay (if an allergy is ruled out) – no matter how you do it – your arm at the anthill, so that the animals bite – at the beginning of the application for less than a minute later for more, in case you wish. However, we have not only studied the formic acid, but also the administration of nettle and ginger. In rheumatism nettle tea (homemade) and ginger can also be useful. At least both often bring relief. Recommended are ginger drops even available in pharmacies and alternatively / complementary turmeric /curcumin, parsley juice, dandelion juice, alfalfa, barley grass, molasses /low-sugar American molasses, juniper oil, anise oil, cinnamon oil, clove /clove oil.
One patient reported that his rheumatism was relieved suddenly when he had come in contact with nettles: During a summer hike, he had stepped into nettles. As his legs were aching all over anyway which even covered up the ever-present rheumatic pain, he had then brought the inner sides of his forearms into contact with the nettles. Thus the contact of legs and arms seems to be a drastic cure. Though it hurts, it helps. However, the duration of this effect we could not ascertain. Regarding other highly praised super tricks we have our doubts: cumin water and pepper water. The effect these waters can have on cancer and rheumatism is a mystery to us. Cumin water is only known for relieving bloating; pepper water is said to help losing weight, thus supports a diet. Perhaps in diabetes and obesity, the one or the other effect may occur. For our purposes, both of them have been of no use so far. The situation is different with real black cumin (Nigella Sativa Kalonji, black onion seed). This is not related to our caraway / cumin. It is also used as black cumin oil. It is an antioxidant and its supportive effect has been verified both in conventional medical and in alternative medicine.
More suitable could be the „vitamin“ B17. It is not an official vitamin and actually it is not a vitamin at all (!). There are patients who take it in the form of apricot kernels that contain B17. Even bitter almonds contain B17. B17 is said to poison the cancer cells, not affecting healthy cells – and thus seems to fulfill the naïve wish of the patient, who prefers to eradicate and “kill” all cancer cells. The actual drug is amygdalin / laetrile. We have not experienced any healing, also no rheumatism has disappeared as far as we know, but in theory the idea is deceptively simple – and in theory a healing should take place: A (hidden, ie bound) toxin in a food product is neutralised by the healthy cell and released in the anaerobic cancer cell (aerobic / anaerobic see the text; by this property the poison “finds” its place) by the sugar supposedly located there and thus “poisons” the culprit – and ONLY the culprit. This is too good to be true. More precisely it is anticipated that the cancer cell dependent on sugar *30 splits the sugar content * 30 of B17 and the poison content (hydrogen cyanide) is released by that – the healthy cell with its completely different metabolism splits no B17 and therefore releases no cyanide. On paper. Otherwise it would be absolutely harmless to eat almonds and they could be consumed in high amounts, as the body could “destroy” small amounts of hydrogen cyanide (). Yet they are always dangerous as B17, amygdalin/laetrile, in any case releases cyanide. This alone shows that a selective killing of cancer cells won’t work. In turn this means that exactly this theory is WRONG. That is why we observe patients taking bitter apricot kernels. They started with 1 kernel in the morning and reported no problem even with a dose of 1-1-1. The latter doses we already cannot approve of. At the moment. The problem is the hydrocyanic acid which is contained in bitter almonds with up to 3000mg /kg, in (bitter) apricot kernels with 2000mg up to 3000mg / kg. Sweet apricot stones have up to a tenth of that, thus still a small amount, which can already be too much for a lot of people. When calculating the maximum permissible dose per kilogram of body weight and day to 20UG, the maximum dose is 1.6mg / day for an adult weighing 80kg. A small pack of bitter almonds contains 50g. Thus it has the potential of up to 150 mg hydrogen cyanide (3000mg / kg x 0,050kg), which can already be fatal in adults. If one keeps in mind that there are 65 almonds in one pack, it is clear that one almond alone contains 2.3mg hydrogen cyanide (150mg / 65). This fact shows that the layman completely underestimates the inherent risk because the result is that the maximum dose is exceeded already with the first almond. The effect of B17 appears to us too poor anyway when taken orally; one would have to extract the active ingredient and inject it (intravenously), which seems too dangerous. Perhaps some more research in this field will be done in the near future. We hope so. The studies known to us have not been very promising. One concludes that <B17> is probably not healthy and not likely anticarcinogenic. We have found a strange accumulation of eye problems among users. And if it works with rheumatism, is completely unknown to us. Maybe it’s one of the few cases where cancer and rheumatism require different treatment. In this context it should not be forgotten that in addition to the kernels mentioned also (uncooked) lima beans, cassava, millet, flax (flax, linseed cf.), bamboo shoots and even the elder, in this case the berries contain bound cyanide (sambunigrine is contained in unripe elderberries, hydrogen cyanide can be released from it). Here opens up a vast new field for research. Furthermore elderberry is used homeopathically and can be taken in the form of globuli. Especially the leaves, roots and bark of the elder are said to contain much bound cyanide.
2 * 30 Since the sugar content of the cancer cell is not at all high enough for this process studies would be of interest that examine the effects at the INCREASED concurrent administration of glucose, that means taking large quantities of sugar together with amygdaline / laetrile. We do not have the means to do so; but it would be interesting to examine whether the effect also occurs if (valuable) molasses is taken instead of (worthless) sugar.
Clarification regarding the purported mechanism of B17
The selective poisoning process of the cancer cell, as laypersons imagine it is similar to the process in which an immunoconjugate, an antibody, binds to a specific site of a cell and then releases a toxin that kills the addressee, the „bad“ cell, (apoptosis). Who wants to read more about it googles
– Antibody drug conjugates B17 Laetrile Amygdalin OR
– Antibody drug conjugates, ADC
– Apoptosis, drug targeting, PCD, AICD, ACD
I’m not going to waste neither space nor time to describe these B17 processes any further.

Poisons in cans, packaging: Beware of bisphenol A (BPA) in plastic bottles. BPA is definitely contained in bottles made from PC (Lexan) and containers. These are preferably used in the outdoor area. So you better only use glass containers; which of course leads to a problem with Volvic and BF (see above), which are only available in plastic (not Lexan) bottles; we buy this water from the supermarket because then it is just a few days in the plastic bottle. Note: Water your cut flowers or flower pots with any water out from plastic bottles that have been in use a long time already. SURPRISE! You will notice far more vermin and a worsened appearance of your plants; some will die right away. We attribute this to the fact that possibly existing toxins are set free in older plastic bottles. By the way bottlers do not know which kind of plastic with exactly what substances they are supplied with for their bottle production, because the manufacturer is not obliged to publish them (testimony of a food chemist). When we spent time outdoors we only take bottles with us, which are guaranteed BPA-free. Another problem arises by ready meals in cans: These are painted inside with epoxy paint that might release BPA; already slight damages in the form of dents may result in components of the can sheet passing over into the food. One patient has nevertheless opened a damaged box and eaten it; the following year he suffered of rheumatism. Perhaps these events are linked with each other. But we avoid convenience foods anyway. Canned food (even fruits!) is of NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE. For insiders: We will publish in the future more information ON THIS SITE. We recommend the article on BPA in Wikipedia.
Smoking: We were surprised at finding that smoking acidifies the body – especially with those who eat little or are on diet. Stop smoking is easier said than done. Ok, it is clear what this means for real heavy smokers. Those who cannot or do not want to quit smoking should at least take baking powder or baking soda against the acidity. Papa used to take each morning a level teaspoon for a certain period of time. When taking soda please observe the instructions for baking soda.
In this context: A cancer patient with a prostate cancer diagnosis and in addition a bone cancer diagnosis rejected our advice to de-acidify with soda or enteric-coated tablets and did not do anything else, such as eating green vegetables. Therefore there was not the slightest improvement. That’s really sad how quickly seriously ill patients often just resign. I have just completed my research about why baking soda works; it has confirmed the assumption that exactly NHC sodium is the active ingredient, ie soda – you can therefore give it individually. However, ammonium bicarbonate or ammonium carbonate is worth being examined later. Who does not want to quit smoking should at least only smoke when the stomach is full, so after eating! But Take at least a good drink of water after each cigarette, so that the ingredients will be diluted. The cigarette in the morning immediately after getting up – preferably without breakfast – is death pure. And smoking without breakfast has been shown to be particularly harmful. As well as stress at work and omitting the meals. We know enough cases. Or rather, we knew. , ,
Aluminum products: Utterly important: No aluminum foil, aluminum tableware, no uncoated (outdoor) aluminum bottles; never lick at or scratch the aluminum cover of a pack! A rheumatism patient has told us of a terrible attack of rheumatism when he accidentally swallowed a wee bit of kitchen foil when having a dürüm. The same risk holds the takeaway döner when it is packed in aluminum foil with its kraut and onions Even Chinese takeaway food comes in aluminum dishes. Although these are often coated, we nevertheless will make no compromise.
No injections from the doctor that contain aluminum hydroxide. About aluminum hydroxide: This is used for preventive vaccination (such as influenza), to elicit a mild inflammatory reaction of the body (it is toxic, so a POISON!) and thus to activate the immune system. Due to many incidents it is assumed that adverse reactions of the immune system such as rheumatism, cancer may be related to it. Even dementia and Alzheimer are under discussion. Often aluminum hydroxide is also to be found in deodorants, toothpastes, sun protection and the aforementioned flu vaccines, sometimes in salt. Does this ring a bell?

Pretzels, sausages, canned vegetables and fruits, teas (!), juices and an indeterminable number of (mostly acidic) beverages often get close contact with aluminum during production, cultivation and storage. Food coloring may contain aluminum. This also applies to other food additives of the E1 to E5 series, to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
Unsuitable dishes: No fast food, no convenience food, no curry sausage, French fries, no grilled sausages, no processed food, so nothing supplied in cans or welded in foil, due to incalculable ingredients and the sugar contained in all of them (even in Weight Watcher meals up to 4 (!) sugars were found ; currently three in one can. Go to your supermarket and have a look, and when you’re there, go for wholemeal bread and marvel about the up to three kinds of sugar contained in it)!

Joint problems with rheumatism: rheumatic belongs among the autoimmune diseases. The body’s defenses attack the joints, causing painful, chronic arthritis because symptoms like pain of joint disease are attributed to the joints * 40: We have had good results with glucosamine. It seems to attach to the cartilage tissue. The joints turned out to be more flexible. A repair of defects in the joint (cartilage) as claimed in advertisements we regard as impossible. Many a patient, who feels a kind of creaking or re-dissolving in the joint when moving slowly, achieved an improvement. When cycling, this can often be felt in the hip joint. However, we also have heard of a new study from 2014, which has found that glucosamine has no effects on the knee joint. Yet we have made other experiences.*40

In joint problems (and bone problems) please note the chapter on borax.
Animal products: Avoid! Animal fats, fatty meats and fats in large amount anyway, margarine (an artificial product). Margarine is a refined fat. This and similar products we avoid. Patients never reported an improvement in their situation, when they used margarine. An improvement occurred only in its absence. Animal products of ANY KIND are taboo at least as long as the disease is not cured, pork even afterwards; no yolk / lard / liver, because of the arachidonic acid, all offals are just as critical, no chicken until a certain time after the healing (chicken must always be thoroughly cooked!). Chicken has a very special problem: Chicken has reliably germs per se, even if it is packaged under film. It must be washed meticulously before use in the kitchen. THIS REQUIRES THE SUITABLE GLOVES TO AVOID DIRECT SKIN CONTACT WITH THE CHICKEN. The danger posed by chicken is by far not accurately accessed; a diarrhea is here the slightest problem. We use latex gloves and dab the meat wet through cleaning with a paper towel. The paper towel should then be disposed of immediately. The cancer and rheumatism patient himself should not eat chicken at all, as I said before. What his healthy family members do is beyond our influence.
Further Details:
Wear gloves even when washing fruits & vegetables (the patient, however, does not eat (!) any fruits!). The frequent washing of hands is obligatory. For personal care and dental care read below.

Nitrosamines: A significant adverse effect on the body that is hardly noticed is caused by sodium nitrite E250 (contained in nitrite salting). It is primarily used in pre-packaged goods (discounter) and in meats and sausages for preservation. Its carcinogenic effect has been proven. We have learned in school the following reaction chain: nitrate nitrite nitrosaminecancer. Today no one talks about this simple formula anymore. A huge success for the convenience food industries. We search every product description for sodium nitrite E250 products containing it are not bought. Some products contain sodium nitrate E251; E249 and E252 also appear (look up E–numbers on the net, for example under what-is-in-it). Same chain, same problems. Avoid. Patients have often confirmed that they have recognized themselves the connection between their illness and the eating of foods containing nitrite salting. Buying at the discounter’s with its predominantly packaged products (all of which are preserved) belongs to the past and should not be resumed again.

Flavour enhancers: Here we have detected no negative effects in cancer or rheumatic patients. However, it is sodium compounds that reduce, sodium chloride just like saline
Basika: For my friend we bought basika at the chemist’s. The same applies to silica (silica-acid; available at the chemist’s in a box, not to be confused with diatomaceous earth). What regards diatomite (less suitable for our purposes anyway): it is often used in animal husbandry for eliminating mites, ticks, etc. For humans, we know of no administration (even if there’s always someone who knows someone who knows of someone who has already had some kind of success). There exist various qualities, but you should use only diatomaceous earth without crystalline pebble acid (fired at a low temperature). Often also unsuitable qualities are sold, especially via the net. Here you must pay careful (!) attention that the diatomaceous earth is of the said quality (for example from the Ströh Company). Ingredients <5 microns of crystalline silica enter the lungs and are under reasonable suspicion of causing cancer. Likewise diatomaceous earth is suspected to form kidney stones; diatomaceous earth is only of limited suitability for reducing stomach acid. It should not be used for the above mentioned reasons.
But if you can give us any verifiable facts, feel free to contact us.
Reflections on the identical treatment of cancer and rheumatism
In view of the above, I think it is clear that many things are similar in the treatment of cancer and rheumatic patients. Now just think about why… It is due to the over-acidification of the body and the similar disease mechanisms in cancer and rheumatics. Of course general belief is that rheumatism and cancer do not have anything in common. From experience we can tell, however, that this not true. Those who are familiar with and have gained experience with ALTERNATIVE therapies for cancer and rheumatism can report with certainty that 90% of what works in one disease can be used beneficially in the other as well. Meanwhile, we believe both diseases are treated in almost the same way.
However, it is NOT the case what could be read in a newspaper ma few years ago that rheumatic patients with their exuberant immune system will never suffer from cancer. This was actually claimed! What utter humbug! We know alone of several cases where patients with rheumatoid arthritis have also developed a cancer and their rheumatism apparently was of NO advantage to them. Both diseases are not mutually exclusive. It is interesting that exactly this special article is no longer available in the newspaper pool. Probably the publishers distance themselves from the statement by now; perhaps there were calls from physicians complaining about it…

The whole story with my dad’s prostate cancer happened 31 years ago; my friend actually died the year before last (but not of prostate cancer. The cancer had just VANISHED after six months. Said his doctor. But he still had to take one of these prostrate drugs, despite his obvious recovery otherwise the insurance company would not have paid for him any longer). Did anything strike you? My friend has been served green vegetables. And these were not even organic, because at that time no one talked about ORGANIC or not and organic food was not even available. My mom used to buy our vegetables at a greengrocer’s who already at that time made sure that the goods had not been sprayed too much with pesticides and brought them home on her bike. It was at that time the only security. And the careful WASHING of the products. Those who live in the vicinity of a commercial airport know that jets occasionally jettison fuel. We have seen this with our own eyes in the airport hotel years ago, the stink was everywhere in the fields and meadows, the air full of kerosene. And that did not even happen during an emergency landing – it was just a normal flight. At the hotel reception we were told that this occurs frequently and they could not do anything against it. Those who buy the vegetables or even „organic food“ cultivated near the airport cannot be helped. There is also reason to suspect that aluminum compounds introduced into aviation fuel (see the Net) produce the controversial chemtrails. For us this means another harmful influence on our health. So watch out where your vegetables come from. However, the similar petroleum has an amazing effect, see below. However, its fumes are toxic, even though the Internet claims to know it better.

Frankincense: With our present experience we additionally use incense. It is eminently suited for rheumatism and as the naturopathic treatment of cancer and rheumatism broadly overlaps, also for cancer patients. The application is as follows; we know that from a physical therapist who was cured from his illness within half a year with the help of incense: It is best to take INDIAN incense, as we have found. The Arab and African incense is less suitable according to our experience (we have tried!). Also not so suitable is the one available in German pharmacies (which is usually a mixture of various and vague sources, whatever is available at the moment). The physiotherapist had for our tests only a handful of tablets of 600 mg directly from India, and we began to search with Google Earth, so that we could find the places with the people, from whom he had bought them (we even tried – supported by the memories and guesses of the physiotherapist the smallest roads) – to find the place of manufacture. However, it was just pointless. I‚ve never been to India and though the physiotherapist knew approximately where he had been, he did not remember in which one of the villages or cities with the yard long cryptic names. I continued my search via Google Earth and found by comparing the addresses the PRECISE area. At once the next problem turned up: The people down there produce only for their own use and this of their immediate vicinity – and they do not speak English. Nevertheless, I have finally got it, the longed-for incense. It is white incense and the people gathering it take only the so-called second drop from the tree (brown to black incense is not considered as the first quality; this is even pressed with white–light carriers by unfair profiteers in order to suggest the higher quality). The white incense showed exactly the desired, sometimes rapid response. And even the powder had the bright color of the tablets that the doctor had given me. By now I take from this incense which is now available in powder form (locally no pressing machines for tablets are used because no export is intended) one level caviar spoon, thus a very small teaspoon 1-1-1-1-1 (5 times a day). The Indian frankincense is biologically more effective for our purposes than the African or even the Arabic one. Press releases and messages from the importers* 50, which say otherwise, are obviously: FALSE. This is also shown by neutral scientific and medical investigations that are being carried out at the moment. The dissertation by Philip Krüger, Kiel, available in the Net is clear (p.5). And last but not least our attempts with incenses of different origin (see above) have not shown the same positive effects (see above). Regarding *50: And quite by accident exactly the above-mentioned group imputes to the Indian incense to be heavily polluted with metals.
Gasoline, fuel oil and diesel oil vapors: There is an association of rheumatism – and according to the above findings probably of cancer – with gasoline, fuel oil and diesel oil vapors: The patient (and the healthy person also!) must not come into contact with vapors of these liquids; This can happen in the case of poorly maintained room heaters and some diesel vehicles. Here it must be checked meticulously whether all hoses and pipe connections are completely closed. This can be done easily by inviting after a first visual inspection non-family members into the respective areas or driving them around in the diesel car (switch on the heating and fan!). If there is a problem here, they will recognize the smell quickly. The person concerned does not succeed, however, because he is used to it.The same applies to gasoline. Here, however, the source of the fumes is different: If you have a petrol tank made from plastic in your car, over the months and years petrol fumes will diffuse out of the tank, which often cannot even be smelled. After years the tank will only be half full. We have tested this precisely; after 7 years 40% of the gasoline was GONE! That is, from a 5 litre tank almost a litre of gasoline has ended up in the trunk after three and a half years – and if it is there, part of it will also be in the interior of the car. Kerosenes, petroleum (e.g. G179 of Caelo), light naphtha or white oil (particularly Ballistol, the gun oil) must be treated differently. These also must not be inhaled, but there are positive health effects when taken by the tea spoonful. This can be read on the Net, but don’t forget the appropriate caution. However, it must be cleaned qualities (only available with G179 and Ballistol). A rheumatic patient known to us described an improvement of his problems. Further details follow below. By the way, it is silly superstition that today car petrol is no longer harmful, because the lead as a knock brake and valve protection has been removed. They have only exchanged the neurotoxin lead with a carcinogen.
Parabenes are not as critical; we avoid them nevertheless.
Regarding cleanliness of the laundry: It has proved to be helpful when the patient changes the clothing that is in direct contact with the skin frequently. This means new underwear and a new shirt / blouse every morning. All must be washed at 60 ° C or more in the washing machine; no CHEMICAL(!) cleaning. The laundry is washed with a little amount of detergent; one teaspoon per 5 kg is sufficient (except for real dirty clothes). We buy it at the discounter; it is at least as effective as the well-known brands. The rinsing process should be extended, if possible, (extra rinse) and no softener should be added to the final rinse: All chemicals stay outside!

New clothing: New clothes should be washed before wearing at least once. This eliminates a lot of the most hazardous substances. If the clothes cannot be washed, you simply bought the wrong clothes. Unfortunately, it is absolutely indispensable for overseas transport that agents against animal infestations are added: We were told firsthand that in a shop on an unwrapped overseas delivery once a brooch or something like that was seen. On closer examination, it turned out that it was a palm-sized animal of an unknown species – and something like that is in our clothing! Thus it is only natural that agents of all kinds are used against all sorts of things and these are not exactly beneficial to health.
Dry Cleaning: The risks to the operators and users of chemical cleaners have been known for 30 years. The net is full of it. We have come to know that ourselves: At the dry cleaner’s in our neighbourhood the fluctuation of employees was high. The new staff reported repeatedly that those who had worked there before had died. Even then, we concluded from the fact that they used perchloethylene and that the trichloroethane used in Tippex was already known to be hazardous to health that the perchlorethylene from the chemical cleaners was also harmful. And the cleaned suits under the protective film had the same smell as a degreaser from the paint shop. By the way: The (then) analogy of per (chloroethylene) and tri (chloroethane) was due to the obviously different but nevertheless similar functional groups chemically not entirely correct, but at that time we did not know better. However, the result was correct in every case. It is interesting in this topic that formerly trichloroethane was used for the decaffeination of coffee, today dichloromethane or ethyl acetate is used. Reportedly, however, they only use water vapour for the German coffee import. The same applies to black tea. If you still want to drink decaffeinated tea, you can dispense with the first brewing and take the second (and the following) brews. Anyhow, we also drink no decaf, because this also acidifies.

Cleanliness of the home: We have often found that the carpets in the homes of patients are rather lacking in hygiene. Even wallpaper and wall hangings often peel off or carry mould spores beneath. If one discovers such defects, the old wallpapers should be removed. If this is done dry, a face mask must be worn; if the wallpaper is soaked before removing, skin contact with the now wet glue should be avoided. The reason is that isothiazolinone are added to the glue during production for mould control. These may cause allergic skin reactions and also get into the lungs. Dust and glue splashes must not come into contact with people. In the bathroom, we often see ancient towels, never drying washcloths – and toothbrushes, which are firstly too hard to be used and secondly seem to have reached the age of its user. And regarding soap only the cheapest are used. For this, we discover vast amounts of chemical cleaning agents. By the way nothing in the home becomes healthier, when a lot of chemicals are applied. So what to do if you discover the occasional silverfish in the bathroom? Well? SIMPLY NOTHING! The silverfish is not disgusting, it’s just unfamiliar. It rather cleans because it eats (vermin). So it is not a threat. It is useful. Get used to it. Just because you’re sick, you don’t have to exterminate all life in your environment! The same applies to small fruit flies in the kitchen. Do they spoil the fruits? No. However, they indicate which fruits (and vegetables) begin to rot. The patient finds through them reliably each fruit, long before it gets mouldy or rotten. Just look where they fly. There is the evil. Got it? Consequence: not eradicate. Dishes: A drop of a good detergent is sufficient. Cheap detergents are not as productive. And the dishes must be rinsed thoroughly with clear water after cleaning. We found residues from detergents on the dishes when we let it dry without another rinse.

A completely unheeded point is the cistern of the toilet: in the water tank accumulates already shortly after use black mould above the waterline. To remove it one uses three agents (consecutively): Dan Chlorix – vinegar – alcohol. After cleaning a strong dash of Dan Chlorix is given into the water tank when it is filling again. The rinse water should remain like that overnight. Let Coca Cola exert its effect in the toilet bowl: pour it in there in the evening and the next morning you will find a very clean, decalcified toilet.

To the cleanliness of the home also belongs the removal of harmful products. Examples of these are ENERGY SAVING BULBS (NOT: LED lights), as releasing mercury, old refrigerators, old washing machines, radio receivers and television tubes, new (mostly cheap) furniture as well as kitchen and bathroom facilities, electric blankets and so on. What regards the energy saving bulbs, we experimented with them by operating them for weeks in closed containers. The result was that the container was stinking abominably like electrically vaporized mercury after this time. During normal operation, the mercury would have dispersed in the rooms. A rheumatic patient had years before he fell ill, substituted all his bulbs with energy saving tubes. Old devices, especially those mentioned above, have the property of accumulating pollutants and also releasing them. Electric blankets produce a magnetic field – regardless of whether they are operated with a12V or 220V transformer. Read more about magnetic influence in the text. In order to classify reliably the harmfulness of the technical equipment and furniture, the apartment must be scoured by specialists. LED illuminants bear according to present knowledge no health risks of this kind.
Cleaning of the tooth: Please clean your teeth without toothpaste as has been said before. Rheumatism and cancer patients often have a poor oral hygiene. That’s no wonder, because infarction and other heart diseases, arteriosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, various forms of cancer and diabetes are derived from bacteria of the oral cavity.

The patient must make sure to have cleaned each tooth gap profoundly. For this you should have a so-called professional dental cleaning at least every few years at your dentist (from 60.-). This alone has already helped patients. By the way: A skillfully performed tooth cleaning does not hurt. If it hurts regularly, look for another dentist. The same applies, if he needs more than fifteen minutes. A responsible and experienced dentist will set a separate schedule for upper and lower jaw and it will only hurt a little the first few times (as long as you’re teeth are healthy and without actual damages.) There are dental assistants and who carry out the professional cleaning as good as a doctor, so do not worry. It is also necessary to use an interdental brushes. These should be SOFT (eg TePe) and all interdental spaces must be cleaned with them. Two different sizes will do. The whole always after each meal, that is 1-1-1, even in the morning eat first, then brush. Also floss can be used. And an efficient cleaning is carried out as follows:
The teeth rows from the sides to the front in the direction of the interdental spaces (= up-down), then rinse well, then the inside up to the front, but hold the toothbrush upright now, not crosswise, then inside and outside front-back, rinse well, after that the chewing surfaces with very little pressure and only briefly.
Finally, clean the tooth flanks inside and out in a rotating movement.

Since we leave out all kinds of sugar, the oral hygiene will improve; we know a teacher who has never eaten sugars – and he has not a single inlay. After drinking acid drinks such as Coca-Cola or eating (acidic) fruits like apples the mouth should be rinsed thoroughly (water is enough), but do not brush your teeth! However, we avoid these drinks anyway and all fruits. However, we know patients who use alfalfa, barley grass, juniper oil, anise oil, cinnamon oil, clove oil in order to promote recovery and healing processes. Their successes, however, seem to be very individual and poorly applicable to the general public.
The patient may use a mouth wash with hydrogen peroxide solution at night – keep it in your mouth as long as possible – (a few drops of the three percent solution into the water; NEVER use it purely with 3% or slightly diluted to 1 or 2%, even if the Net knows better!) And -somewhat later – gargle with NHC. If the patient has an infection on the tooth, then traditionally clove oil is recommended. Don’t use it as it could lead to shrinking of the gums. We know a patient who has experienced this.

And a patient also drinks no coffee or tea in the afternoon anymore. And therefore also no longer eats cakes or pastry in the afternoon. Also your coffee will have no cinnamon. Though many people like the taste, we have found since long that cinnamon compromises all efforts to reduce the cortisone dose required by rheumatic patients. One patient drank frequently coffee, and when he added cardamom his cortisone demand went from 5 to 7.5 mg /day, at first even to almost 10?You got it? It’s your health!
Body Care, Dental Care and Hygiene: For some reason unknown to us the “cleaning of body orifices” actually brings about health improvements. The term is in worded commas because it can be found in Hinduism: The term is used by yogis. This cleaning promotes recovery. To this purpose we use in our culture a gentle pure soap from the health food store – but only LITTLE of it! An example for it is Sonett. Beware of liquid soap /shampoo containing phthalates (see package specification). Parabenes are not as critical; yet we avoid them. Frequent, EXTENSIVE bathing and cleaning supports the healing. Orifices are all body orifices incl. the eyes!
Hands must be washed frequently; here you should choose a suitable soap (best you keep it in a container). Rinse it frequently with hot water.

Shaving: This always causes irritation / injury to the skin; therefore the use of shaving cream is to be rejected, because in this way undesirable substances might penetrate. And how to do it right? Soak the beard with hot water, then hold the shaver under COLD water so the roots do not move back, then shave as usual. Who uses a multi-blade razor, should clean the space between the blades after each shave (old toothbrush, needle) and rinse with it hot water because of the risk of infection.

Eyes: Massage gently over possibly existing eye bags, use plenty of water; massage the outer corner of the eye with a rough wash mitt. They may redden slightly, but should not be rubbed until they are sore. Through this wrinkles are kept away for a long time (everyone in Hollywood does and that’s why the actors always need such a long time to get ready in the morning, we were told in LA), already existing wrinkles become smaller. But we are only interested in the cleaning and healing effect. Also important is the daily “rub” of the skin with a suitable cleaning cloth /wash cloth. Here, don’t forget your back; which can easily be reached with a handle brush.

Teeth, amalgam:.. with our present knowledge we would also have removed amalgams (yes, that’s expensive, but it is YOUR health. The success of all measures described here is directly related to it. The reason therefore is the similar, negative action spectrum of mercury and the known negative action spectrum of aluminum). Regarding the removal of amalgams it is crucial to make sure that the chosen dentist possesses VAST experience in the removal of amalgam, otherwise the patient might swallow an amount of amalgam as large as he otherwise would not in his whole life (and the dentist neither). If he only drills and aspirates a little bit, he definitely does wrong. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend any particular dentist here. What the patient should take instead of amalgam is, of course, not gold, because this has rather unsuitable side effects in the mouth. Take the current plastic seals and take heed that you’re not given epoxyphenole (not only in the case of a possible root resection). Drop in the future the toothpaste and you will not need your dentist for a long time, because then your teeth and seals won’t wear off any longer and therefore you won’t swallow less NEW mercury because you don’t grind it off and must not be renewed as a result (By the way, any fluoride doses in the diet are superfluous; fluoride is sufficiently available in your food). Your dentist is then the only victim – he will no longer make a lot of money because of you. You, on the other hand, will have no more dental problems and also no so-called cleaning defects by the abrasives in the toothpastes. What you can do however, is: brush your teeth occasionally with soda NHC. For this stir in a bowl a fruit together with NHC to slurry. Suitable is almost any fruit, because it has to have some acid – and almost all fruits do. We take strawberry, sometimes raspberry. It tastes quite good and first of all plaque is removed. But eating fruit is still taboo! Moreover, it is nonsense that the red currant has beneficial effects in cancer and rheumatism: From all fruits it is most likely the cranberry that has them. If you want you can use cranberry; yet miracles won’t happen. However, cranberry is used in the gemmo–macerates.
Preventive measure against mercury poisoning is the appropriate reception of potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, molybdenum, selenium, and germanium. These accumulate in the blood and block the further ingestion of mercury.

Cosmetics, skin care products
Contact with problematical substances should be avoided. Beware of newspaper ink; which can cause contact irritation. That we do not use any cosmetics is clear, right? Just read what is in your shampoo and conditioner, and you will know what you are dealing with. Shampoos and conditioners and the whole cosmetic stuff are ideally suited to remove dead flies from your windscreen, but not for your skin – which absorbs a lot of the most diverse substances. This is exactly why some medication is administered by rubbing it on the inside of thighs and arms. For any damage to the paint of your car we assume no liability. Any honest dermatologist will advise you, let your skin only get in contact with pure water – and what is MEDICALLY necessary in case OF ILLNESS.

Often neglected is the daily cleaning of the feet:

It is extremely useful to wash them daily (with a suitable soap). Even a badly perspiring foot will not smell any longer after a few weeks. Then, however, shoes and socks must be renewed. The old can NOT be disinfected even with Kodan tincture (containing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide). The positive effects for cancer and rheumatic patients are that the (smelly) products of the bacterial decomposition process no longer affect the patient’s body (the foot no longer „floats“ in the sudor!). See also Wiki (2013). Daily cleaning is also necessary for healthy people. About Kodan: We know of a rheumatic patient, who always cleaned and sprayed his shoes with Kodan tincture, before the disease broke out. Hand soap we make ourselves: suitable are pine needles, sulfur compounds and natural ingredients.

Additional note on cosmetics, skin care products and soaps
As they are cheap and easily available, animal products are used in the production, such as offal from cattle and pigs. But they can be produced differently, that is, vegetally: Instead of lard, a cosmetics manufacturer could use olive oil or linseed oil. But then the product would be more expensive and fewer customers will buy it.
Skin irritation: Patients with small red spots on the chest, back or elsewhere, or itching at the back (perhaps also elsewhere) normally can get rid of these disturbing phenomena by applying an ointment with erythromycin (e.g. Aknederm, Inderm, Eryaknen, all available on prescription). This is nothing dangerous. The skin irritations often come from the (bed) hygiene. After the treatment and the parallel changing of (sub) clothing, bedding incl. sheets and mattress protectors everything will be back to normal soon. Mattresses should not be used for several decades. Also under the bed, on and beside the slatted bed bases it must be clean. Ointment with erythromycin can also be used in heavy underarm sweating: The smell factor decreases. However, the underarm hair should be shaved off, otherwise the small biotope remains.

Tips for rheumatics who take cortisone:
1. Those who take cortisone, do it best at about 24:00 clock; years of experiments with different intake times recommended by physicians have shown that a dose in the morning is not as efficient as at midnight. At the Rheumatology Clinic in Oberammergau it is even recommended to take it at 02:00 clock a.m. But that cannot be put into practice by the majority of patients. We have found that the intake at midnight shows constantly good results. Those who are already asleep at midnight can take it at 10.00 p.m. but not earlier (if this is not possible either, then try it at least before 06:00 a.m.). The advantage of an early intake is also that in this case the cortisone is already fully effective during the morning and the patient is painless. It is reported by patients that they feel stronger and free of pain. On the subject of cortisone again: If you take cortisone, you will need an increased amount of calcium and because of the calcium in addition D3. Coffee, tea and calcium are not compatible: If taken together calcium generates in the body sparingly soluble compounds, which cannot be metabolised. Kidney or liver problems may occur. Thus: tea/coffee and calcium/D3 should be taken time-separated. Two hours are enough. D3 should not be swallowed with hot drinks. But the best is to omit tea and coffee completely – and no large quantities of beverage, even water, so the cortisone is not flushed out by the large amount of liquid. Animal protein, sugar makes the body increasingly exude calcium. The known negative side effects of cortisone intake are reduced in amounts of less than 7.5 mg /day. This means the intake of cortisone in an amount less than 7.5 mg /day is considered to be acritical in the long run. This confirms the Rheumatism Clinic in Oberammergau. The treatment of rheumatism (with cortisone administration) must therefore necessarily aim at reducing the cortisone dose to fall below this limit.
N-acetyl-L-cysteine or N-acetylcysteine (NAC)
There is a rumour – and it is wrong – that NAC should achieve an improvement in cortisone patients. NAC is however correctly used by some alternative therapists ALONG WITH OTHER treatment methods for rheumatism. Taken alone it is of no effect in this patient group. At most, in alcoholics and men with prostate problems (NOT prostate cancer) there are light improvements, but these do not constitute a cure or something. So it is useless to take alternatively ACC expectorants (ACC acute), which are said to have positive effects on the health. Incidentally ACC mustn’t be used towards the end of the use-by-date or even beyond. Patients report that they felt miserable and sick in this case.
2. If you FORGOT to take your cortisone:
First contact your doctor. We have found that it works well if you take the missed dose later and carry on as before.
3. If in times of rest, during the healing progress and if everything appears to be okay again, inexplicably significant pain occurs:
First contact your doctor. We have found that in this case the cortisone dose needs not be increased permanently. Experience has shown that it may be sufficient to adopt a higher dose only once. So to speak, you just go „over the hill“ – and remain „over it“, even if the single dose has increased the cortisone-balance sheet in the short term. But your doctor calls the shots!
4. If you have to labour physically for a certain time:
Our experience shows that the patient does not affect his cortisone balance permanently if he takes a slightly larger dose for the duration of the labour (the doctor should be informed). For example a 5mg-patient took 7 mg for the time of his relocation and the renovation of the new apartment and then switched back to his 5mg, which meant no disadvantage for him.
5. How do you find out, whether you can reduce your cortisone dose:

If you feel no more pain and everything has stabilised, you can take the cortisone a few hours later, for example, at 3 p.m. The doctor, however, should be consulted. But if already at this time pain occurs, this shows that the cortisone is properly or shortly dosed and you cannot Yet this dose should be kept up at least a few months. It is always critical to reduce the dose too abruptly or considerably and we have seen enough failures. This in some cases even led to the necessity to increase the cortisone dose and therefore was counterproductive. A reduction should only be done in steps of no more than 0.5-1.0 mg. Recently a patient reduced his dose cascaded. He wanted to reduce from 7mg to 6mg and did not do this in one step, but took 7 a day and interspersed 6: 7777677767767676676667666676, from this point only 6. Here as well your doctor should be asked.

Regarding points 2-5: In acutely ill patients (high CRP and BSK1/ 2) points 2 to 5 cannot be applied.

6. Taking of cortisone, only when the pain comes (rolling)
Those who take cortisone for years, will certainly someday try „tricks“ to achieve an improvement in their illness related to the cortisone dose. This includes the following: The patient wants to take as little cortisone as possible and decides to no longer take it at a fixed time, but only „when it is needed“, so when the pain occurs. The cortisone dose is thus takwen varying times through the day, so rolls through the day. The idea sounds plausible, but from experience it is false. We have found that this does not even work in the short term. Cortisone must be taken on the date mentioned in the text – this is the only way you can only try to keep it low.

7. The wish to “strengthen” the immune system:
Extremely simplified and as a rule of thumb: In cancer, the immune system no longer is able to handle the cancer cells, in rheumatism it is the other way round – the immune system is “too strong”.
That’s why one of the strategies of classical medicine for rheumatism is taking for example MTX (methotrexate) that “slows down” the immune system. Although this is the wrong approach, it shows that it would be wrong to take tonics in rheumatism. MTX (methotrexate) is, by the way, a folic acid antagonist. That is, it inhibits the effect of folic acid. In this case it must be given in addition. Not even every medic is aware of this.
In cancer, the immune system seems to be too weak in the eyes of a layperson. This is nonsense; it is merely prevented from doing the right thing. In both cases the approach to booster the immune system is therefore inopportune or even counterproductive. The only thing that HAS TO BE DONE IS: THE BODY NEEDS TO BE ENABLED TO CURE ITSELF, THUS ITS SELFHEALING POWERS MUST BE ACTIVATED. The attempt to strengthen the immune system by consuming fruits, vegetables or juices perceived as “healthy”, “whole” or “fresh” or whatever, IS TOO UNSPECIFICAL to be truly effective. The hope to find the one special remedy that will turn things right again is like the attempt to have six correct numbers in the lottery by buying one single lottery ticket – especially since there exists absolutely no wonder plant with which all and everything can be cured. The advised measures are always a compilation of substances, actions, etc. which interact holistically.
In this context: The same holds true for the hype about vitamins. If you think you can support your body by buying – artificial – vitamins without a known deficiency, you hope for the six correct numbers on the first lottery ticket you buy. And the hype with mineral waters is exactly the same.

Elevated CRP levels and no rheumatism
There are patients who are not yet patients: they have a high CRP value and no rheumatism (or something like that). These people are not aware, that they actually have rheumatism, but their body just can avoid a classic onset of rheumatic symptoms. More certainty is obtained when the physician determines the Neopterin level. With a high CRP level already the slightest trigger is enough and rheumatism will manifest itself. To prevent this all diets and practices mentioned in the text must be followed immediately. A trigger for the outbreak of the disease in these cases often is stress and mental strain: real or imminent job loss, other negative medical diagnoses, fear of the future, existential fears, death of close relatives or friends, exposure to active or latent violence (attacks, raids, little security in the living environment, also neighbourhood disputes), financial problems and damages (state aids, exchange and precious metal speculation), etc.

Remedy: Find a new hobby and/ or a task. Sounds good, yet seems difficult to be put into action. But it is not really so: in this example we are still at the level of a bad CRP. The rheumatism has not broken out yet. And because of this there are still plenty of opportunities to do something that is fun. We always ask what the patient liked to do before he became sick or which were his dreams. Often interesting things come to light. One wanted to become a restaurant critic, the other wanted to test all car batteries on the market with respect to their cycle stability, the next wanted to test all AA batteries in order to find those with the highest capacity, others wanted to become wine tester, steel sculptor, stone cutter, abstract artist. One wanted to be an art collector: He soon bought all pictures with so-called ornate frames at flea markets. All these people have in common that they are now much healthier (better CRP and neopterin levels). Of interest to us is the fact that the Hufeland Clinic follows exactly the same approach in the treatment of their patients. It is of importance that all this is also beneficial for already ill persons.

Hardening: Generally also wrong, that means for healthy people, too, is sleeing on a mat at the floor, sleeping on a hard mattress, in a not heated bedroom (the room should have 17°C, because of the respiratory tract), leaving the window open while sleeping during the cold season (THIS HAS A HIGHLY NEGATIVE EFFECT ON THE RESPIRATORY TRACT), using only a thin blanket, showering with cold water (rheumatic patients must not do this by no means!), lots of walking barefoot (we know a patient who after three kilometers on the dirt road got a flat foot), hardening in general, swimming in cold water
Those who think it to be of vital importance to harden themselves can do so. Patients, however, won’t do it any longer, and it turns out that no harm is done. On the contrary, it makes it easier for the body to heal itself. We must not burden our body in ADDITION to the existing disease. This should be obvious. But throw out all plants up close to your bedroom; they consume the oxygen.

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